By Tube

There are three convenient Tube stations: Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, and Notting Hill Gate.

Ladbroke Grove (Hammersmith and City)

Very slightly to the left of the station exit, cross over the pelican crossing. Then turn right and take the second left at the Elgin pub, down Westbourne Park Road. Then (ignoring Kensington Park Road and the famous Portobello Road) take the third right down Clydesdale Road. All Saints will very shortly apapear on your left.

Westbourne Park (Hammersmith and City)

Turn right out of the station exit until you reach the T-junction with Westbourne Park Road. Tuturn right again and then take the fifth left down Clydesdale Road (just after a block of flats). All Saints will very shortly appear on your left.

Notting Hill Gate (Central, Circle and District)

After leaving the ticket barrier and office, turn right following the sign saying “Notting Hill Gate (north side) Portobello Road and Market”. Shortly afterwards turn right again up the steps 9t(this time following the sign that simply says “Notting Hill Gate (north side)”). You will then see the Book Warehouse on a corner on your left. Turn right at this corner down Pembridge Gardens, which you fofollow as it swings round to the left and ends at a main road. On the other side of that road slightly to your right, you will see Pembridge Crescent. Cross the main road (for the sake of safety, you should use the zebra crossing on your right) and go down Pembridge Crescent. From here, follow your nose, crossing roads as necessary, asas Pembridge Crescent swings further to your right and becomes Denbigh Road, then Colville Road, and finally Colville Gardens, at the end of which the side of All Saints will face you across a pedestrianised area. Entrance is to your left.

Nearest Buses: 7, 23, 31, 52, 70, 295, 328 and 452.

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